Leased Vehicle Body Repair

Special Concerns for Leased Vehicles Needing Accident Repair

Most auto manufacturers offer vehicles for lease as well as sale. Almost all have specifications on how they want their vehicles repaired if involved in an accident. For instance, most auto makers and dealers of leased vehicles require the use of OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacturer) parts for body repairs.

They will also specify specific repair procedures and approved materials as well.
Some auto makers are now beginning to refuse to allow the end of lease return of vehicles not repaired to these standards.

YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY WILL NOT PROTECT YOU ON THIS ISSUE!  In fact, if you allow the insurance company to dictate the repair facility / parts / materials used, you will likely be personally liable to the leasing company or bank!

5939 Shirley Street
Naples, FL 34109
Collision: 239-597-4907
Mechanical: 239-597-5000
Towing: 239-597-5299


24073 Production Circle
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Collision: 239-498-0794
Mechanical: 239-221-8285
Towing: 239-597-5299

“I had a flat tire and called for assistance. One of their drivers, Dan, I think, showed up promptly. He worked on the car, in the rain, and was pleasant and helpful the entire time. Excellent service.”

- Julie T.


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