Certified Collision Repair

Why Choose a Factory Certified Body Shop?

View the crash test video to see how much a car body moves and flexes during an accident, then contact us for certified collision services.
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Pay special attention to the vehicle's roof and side panels. Although the impact is concentrated in the front and again in the side, note the movement of the other areas of the vehicle. Even though they are significantly distorted during the energy of the impact, they appear to go back to their original position and shape.

However, in many cases there is inertia damage that can carry throughout the entire car.
Many shops do not have the equipment or the access to the vehicle maker information in order to properly diagnose and restore the vehicle to pre-accident dimensions, appearance, and function.

Although the vehicle may visually appear to be repaired well, it may not perform as intended in a second accident.

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Naples, FL 34109
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Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Collision: 239-498-0794
Mechanical: 239-221-8285
Towing: 239-597-5299

"Best auto body shop in Naples was the best experience I've had while dealing with insurance company's for me because of an accident. Thanks so much car looks amazing will be spreading the word."

- Mitchell Stuart Sheaffer 


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